Batch 2006 – 2007

1780634_10153797945655722_2123186069_nOne does not merely ‘study’ Mass Communication, one practices it every day. Ten years ago, when it was introduced in St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa, no one really knew what to expect. We walked in to that first class expecting TVs, video cameras, and computer monitors; instead what we got was a lesson in the history of Mass Media. It took us some time to realise that you need to know where you’ve come from to figure out where you’re going, and in those three years that we studied Mass Communication. Looking back, what we studied was not how to communicate with the masses, instead it built the foundation for us to hone our skills, choose our path, and follow our passion in media. A message to all the new comers, dedicate every waking second to conceptualising the next best visual, spend every day searching for the biggest story to break, and work towards story-boarding the greatest plot ever – because this is the only time you have to seek the kind of help and guidance required so that tomorrow you can be an instrument of Mass Communication by yourself. You have everything you need, so give everything you can.

-Mark Rocha, Features Correspondent,The Goan on Saturday


With a right balance of practical and theory component, the degree in mass imagecommunication & videography has provided us a platform to understand media education in the best possible way. It would be right to say that we were rightly moulded to take up and work on various productions and designs which nurtured our creativity and ignited our passion to enter the media industry. Today, I’m proud to be an alumni and a part of the teaching faculty of the department of mass communication & videography. On this decennial celebration, I wish the department all the very best.

-Ms. Claudia D’souza, Assistant Professor, Dept. Mass communication & Videography, St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa


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