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December is always the most awaited month for all the Xavierites as this month has several activities lined up for the students. The celebration of this month starts from 2nd December onwards, with the feast of the Patron Saint of our College, St. Francis Xavier which is then followed by Socials, Sports day, Annual day, Plus points, Christmas celebrations and much more!!

St. Xavier’s College has always aimed at working towards the all-round development of every student. And so these activities are organised so that every students in this college gets a chance to put forth their potential before a larger group of people.

So all you Xavierites, this is your chance, get started as a lot of activities are coming your way!!


Welcome MCV

Hello & Welcome to our MCV (Department of Mass Communication & Videography) blog!

Well, our long cherished dream of having a blog of our own has finally materialized. This student managed blog will serve as an avenue for the students to publish their work online beside publishing other departmental activities and programs.

This is our first post and we promise you that it is definitely not the last. We have a whole lot of activities and updates lined up. So till then Subscribe to our blog , Like us on Facebook   and follow us on Twitter.

St. Xaviers MCV College team