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Happy World Student Day!!

World Student Day
Here’s something interesting!! Every year, 17th November is celebrated as World Student Day across the globe. A day dedicated to multiculturalism, diversity and cooperation among students across the globe.

Initially, this day was started to pay a tribute to more than 1,200 students from the University of Prague whose lives were taken in WWII. Since then, the World Student Day has become an occasion for universities across the world to boast their masses of international students, and the good they do for the local community.

Students display and celebrate their acts of social responsibility and have gatherings on campus to showcase the causes they volunteer for, take part in gleeful competitions, indulge in student food, gossip about the student unions and complain about their student fees. Although decidedly not as elevated or as relevant to mankind as the activities of the forefathers of World Student Day, these gatherings attract a good deal of involvement, donations and attention for organisations and charities.

If you have a student at home, or if you yourself are among those who were privileged to be selected by universities to pay a fortune for courses which will most likely never be applicable to the career path you will ultimately choose, then spend this day thinking about student life, with its ups and downs, and about how you would like future generations to experience these few life-defining years.


Getting to Know the Masters: Waman Bhosle

-Shoanan Gonsalves, TYBA

The students of our prestigious college had already been graced by the arrival of renowned Goan director Dinesh Bhosle, sometime last year to talk about his then up and coming film, Calapor, 9942_246and his insights on directing it. This year he returned once more to showcase his newest work, a documentary on his uncle; the nation-wide famous editor, Waman Bhosle.
As far as documentaries go, I’m afraid I would have to strike a point or two off this one, as Dinesh’s perspective on the topic of his uncle’s work seemed somewhat one sided. Call it a conflict of interest, bias, or simply an err in directing- but the video seemed to eventually fall into a rut of monotony, listing only Wamanji’s different accomplishments and movies over the years. Had it also brought to light his own obstacles and trials, I think it would have taken at least a more vivid twist. Be that as it may, the sheer VOLUME of Wamanji’s work was vivid in itself, as the man was something of an unsung hero in films that were some of Bollywood’s finest- ranging from Mere Arman Mere Sapne (1963), to my personal all time favourite Hindi move, Mr. India (1987). His influence as an editor was clearly noticeable in his work, and though the names of Editors are not always remembered by the public, notable Bollywood names like Aamir Khan and Rani Mukherjee had only praise for him.
The wealth of editing knowledge present in a mind like Waman Guru’s must be unparalleled. Indeed, the documentary was chock full of directors, editors and the like who were all at some point in their lives held in awe of Waman Bhosle’s skill in his craft. It was a shame he didn’t share any of his tips and tricks in the documentary though and only highlighted his laurels. For now, I guess all I’ll be getting from Wamanji is Inspiration.

The Digital Media Workshop – Exploring the tools

– Valonia Dias, TYBA

When I was in school, I always had an urge to learn photoshop. I had the software on my computer but whenever I opened the software, I always had a tough time understanding the tools. I never really got my hands on them and gradually I thought that I could easily manage everything using the ‘paint’ option on my computer.

But when I joined Mass Communication and Videography at St. Xavier’s, Mapusa, I realised that by just using ‘paint’ I somehow limited myself.  As I was introduced to Photoshop in my Third Year, I grew impatient with the Photoshop tools. And that’s how I understood, Photoshop is very necessary as we incorporate a lot of graphic content in it. I consider myself lucky that I got an opportunity to learn Photoshop, under the guidance of Mr. Ravi Raj, a lecturer from Manipal University. As a part of our course, we have regular visiting faculties coming to our college and so when Sir Ravi came to our college, he gave us thorough 3 days training in Photoshop.

 “It’s not about learning but practising and knowing your tools which can bring you to perfection.” I still remember his words… These words still echo in my mind and strive me to work harder. It indeed gave me a whole new understanding about the tools in photoshop.

It was also quite interesting to see my entire class so engrossed in the workshop that there were several moments where we didn’t even look at our watch. Sir Ravi Raj adopted a very unique method of teaching, where he emphazied on more remembering rather than mugging or writing down the steps. He showed us how to create different objects and then asked us to copy the same. Also, we learnt how to create 3D objects like Pencil, Glass filled with juice, computer screen, basketball etc.

Overall the experience at this workshop was amazing. Earlier, I thought I could only draw with a pen or pencil but now I can proudly say that I can draw using the mouse and tools in photoshop. These 3 days were very informative and interactive at the same time. I definitely feel these three days will help us in our near future as today everything is done on Photoshop and it has become very important in any form of designing.

Here are a few designs that we did during the workshop. Do leave a comment.

Glass-- valonia dias